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Lucid Art & Blog - Meet the Creative behind the Computer

I explore the depths of the subconscious mind and personal experiences through art, poetry, and a love of writing. For over two decades, I've been learning through experiences and personal endeavors which have led me to today.

I graduated with a BFA in Studio art at the University of North Texas with two minors in entrepreneurship and art history. My artwork expresses a variety of introspective conceptual approaches which convey different states of consciousness, mental health, and grief. I specialize in research on topics in addiction, love, grief, and existentialism.


I started this blog to share my thoughts on existentialism and the subconscious. Join me on a quest of curiosity for the ultimate unknown. Let's go on an adventure to find the little light in the darkness to find ourselves - again.

Thank you for being here and let's dive into the mystical and messiness of life together.

Blue figure and blue butterfly with black background
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