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Oracle & Angel Card Readings

Oracle and Angel cards are a tool to offer guidance and clarity. They can help get an outside perspective on something that is already deep down in the mind of the questioner via an Oracle or angel reading.


Oracle cards can help to break patterns and open one's mind to new ways of thinking. They provide insight into one's emotions, relationships, and other life issues. Additionally, oracle cards can be used to help make decisions and gain clarity on difficult situations.


Lucid is an intuitive reader who provides you with answers to general or specific questions. The information is channeled through source energy or angelic light beings only in a cleansed, blessed space 


Unfortunately, Lucid does not offer tarot card readings. She doesn't provide future predictive readings as it typically ruins surprises life grants us. 

Readings are done through online zoom calls or emails with photos and text, whichever the client prefers. 


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Disclaimer: Readings may not contain fixed outcomes. Outcomes are dependent on the client and choices.

Thank you!

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